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Category 1 LUL Standard S1011 (revision A2), titled ‘Product Acceptance and Registration’, covers the whole LUL product assessment process. Central to the process for product assessment and acceptance is the LUL Product Register, which is used to manage and track applications for product acceptance, as well as providing information about all accepted products and systems.  

Standard S1011 applies to all asset groups defined by London Underground Category 1 Standard S1042 ‘Engineering Asset Information’. Those asset groups are as follows:

Standard S1102 (and all other LUL standards) are available by requesting access using the LUL standards link to the right.  Access to the Product Register has to be obtained in order to initiate the process of obtaining acceptance for a product (use the link to the right).  The Product Register User Guide (accessible via the link to the right) provides a helpful overview of the process, but may be slightly outdated (it is dated May 2010, which pre-dates the current version of standard S1102).  LUL also publishes a products register bulletin on a regular basis - see link to the right.

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LUL’s product acceptance processes