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iHelp has been developed by Francis How (former Technical Director, Railway Industry Association) to provide information about innovation in the rail industry in Great Britain. The site is structured to give you easy access to information about a range of topics, programmes, initiatives and resources that may help you.

It comprises two major sections, accessible via the navigation bar at the top of this page, or using the drop-down menu below.

Initiatives: Information about resources, organisations and funding for innovation in the GB rail sector.

Strategies: Information for both individuals and companies wanting to enhance their innovation capability.

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RIA’s Unlocking Innovation Scheme (UIS) seeks to make a difference by helping supply chain companies in the UK to overcome the obstacles to innovation in the rail sector.  The scheme seeks to improve the capability of the railway supply chain to innovate with new technology, processes and business models and, in so doing, offer benefit to Britain’s railways and grow our exports.

To find out more and to register to participate, click here.